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Question 1
How did you learn about the Mississippi State University REU in Computational Methods with applications in Materials Science?

Question 2
What attracted you to this program?

Question 3
Would you comment on the application process (easy, difficult, convenient, inconvenient, efficient, burdensome, deadlines, more/fewer documents should be requested from applicants, etc.). Any suggestions to improve the application process? Any suggestions to increase applicant pool?

Question 4
Were you provided with adequate information on logistics before your arrival? Any suggestions for future changes or improvements?

Question 5
How satisfied are you with the stipend and other benefits, facilities, and physical environment (office space, library, computers, gym, lodging, etc.)?

Question 6
Which of the colloquia and tutorials did you find the most and least useful?

Question 7
Which area did you work in? Please provide comments on quality and appropriateness of supervision, mentoring, interaction with faculty mentors, with graduate students, with other participating student, and collegial relationships. Were you able to work with your mentor closely? Comments on research topics and advising and help on such topics.

Question 8
Please comment on new knowledge or skills you may have learned or gained from this program (research, technical, computational, library, written, oral, critical thinking, personal, cultural, etc.)?

Question 9
Please make comparative comments on opportunities you had at your home institution with opportunities you have had at this summer program at Mississippi State University. Has this NSF-REU site given you an opportunity you would not have otherwise?

Question 10
What impact has this NSF-REU program had on you now, what impact on you in the near future, and what impact on you in the long run? Do you feel that this program may influence your future academic plan of studies?

Question 11
What is your overall evaluation of the NSF-REU experience at MSU (1-worst, 5-best)?

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