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Science is the basis of our technological society, mathematics the language in which she speaks. Through the Center for Computational Sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences at Mississippi State University provides resources and a focal point for addressing scientific and educational questions in an interdisciplinary manner.

Our Mission

To foster interdisciplinary research in both the fundamental understanding and application of all the natural sciences. In particular, to model and develop integrated computational environments and crosscutting tools that allow a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary approach to problem-solving.

Contributions to Mississippi

The Center for Computational Sciences (CCS) contributes to the state of Mississippi in numerous ways. Firstly, this program generates a better-educated populace and a better-trained work force by educating students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in interdisciplinary research, providing them with strong skills in computers, modeling, and the application of the scientific method. These skills are required in a multitude of varied industries and businesses. Secondly, the CCS introduces MSU scientists from diverse fields to different research and new methodologies. This uniquely positions our scientists to fashion multidisciplinary proposals. Such multidisciplinary approaches to problem-solving are often requirements in requests for proposals from federal agencies and industries. CCS thus creates new opportunities for leveraging resources within MSU as well as drawing resources to MSU.


Research Experiences for Undergraduates (2024) - Computational Methods with Applications in Materials Science
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications
Focus Research Group in Magnetic Material for Nanoelectronics

Annual Reports

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