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Publications for: Lisa Wallace
Peer-Reviewed Journals
Lucardi, R. D., Wallace, L., & Ervin, G. N. (2014). Evaluating Hybridization as a Potential Facilitator of Successful Cogongrass (Imperata Cylindrica) Invasion in Florida, USA. Biological Invasions. 16, 2147-2161. [Document Site]

Lucardi, R. D., Wallace, L., & Ervin, G. N. (2014). Invasion Success in Cogongrass (Imperata Cylindrica): A Population Genetic Approach Exploring Genetic Diversity and Historical Introductions. Invasive Plant Science and Management. 7, 59-75. [Document Site]

Marsico, T. D., Wallace, L., Ervin, G. N., Brooks, C., McClure, J. E., & Welch, M. E. (2011). Geographic Patterns of Genetic Diversity from the Native Range of Cactoblastis Cactorum (Berg) Support the Documented History of Invasion and Multiple Introductions for Invasive Populations. Biological Invasions. 13, 857-868. [Document Site]

Wallace, L., Culley, T. M., Weller, S. G., Sakai, A. F., Kuenzi, A., Roy, T., Wagner, W. L., & Nepokroeff, M. (2011). Asymmetrical Gene Flow in a Hybrid Zone of Hawaiian Schiedea (Caryophyllaceae) Species with Contrasting Mating Systems. PLoS ONE. 6(9), e24845.

Willyard, A., Wallace, L., Wagner, W. L., Weller, S. G., Sakai, A. K., & Nepokroeff, M. (2011). Estimating the Species Tree for Hawaiian Schiedea (Caryophyllaceae) from Multiple Loci in the Presence of Reticulate Evolution. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 60, 29-48.

McGlaughlin, M. E., Riley, L., Wallace, L., & Helenurm, K. (2011). Isolation of Microsatellite Loci from Endangered Members of Lotus (Fabaceae) Subgenus Syrmatium. Conservation Genetic Resources. 3, 117-121.

Welch, M. E., Long, G. J., Berk, J. W., Getz, A. H., Gerber, G. P., & Wallace, L. (2011). Twenty-nine Polymorphic Microsatellite Loci in Cyclura Carinata, the Turks and Caicos Iguana, a Critically Endangered Island Endemic. Conservation Genetic Resources. 3, 209-212.

Wallace, L., & Helenurm, K. (2009). Has Herbivory Negatively Impacted the Floral of the California Channel Islands? Insights from Crossosoma Californicum(Caryophyllaceae). International Journal of Plant Sciences. 170, 311-322.

Jones, P. H., Wallace, L., & Bitten, H. B. (2009). Isolation and Characterization of 11 Microsatellite Loci from Oropsylla Hirsuta, a Common Vector of Sylvatic Plague. Molecular Ecology Resources. 9, 857-868.

Wallace, L., Weller, S. G., Wagner, W. L., Sakai, A. K., & Nepokroeff, M. (2009). Phylogenetic Patterns and Demographic History of Schiedea Globosa (Crossosomataceae). American Journal of Botany. 96, 958-967.

Furches, M. S., Wallace, L., & Helenurm, K. (2009). High Genetic Divergence Characterizes Poplulation of the Endemic Plant Lithophragma Maximum (Saxifragaceae) on San Clemente Island. Conservation Genetics. 10, 115-126.

McGlaughlin, M. E., Wallace, L., & Helenurm, K. (2008). Isolation of Microsatellite Loci from the Endangered Plant Sibara Filifolia (Brassicaceae). Molecular Ecology Resources. 8, 367-369.

Non-Refereed Conference Papers
Welch, M., Brooks, C., Brown, R., Ervin, G. N., McClure, J., Marsico, T., & Wallace, L. (2008). The Phylogeography of the Invasive Cactus Moth Cactoblastis Cactorum in Its Native Range. Southeastern Population Ecology and Evolutionary Genetics Conference. Eatonton, GA.

Non-Refereed Conference Posters
Lucardi, R. D., Wallace, L., & Ervin, G. N. (2009). Genetic Diversity of Cogongrass (Imperata Cylindrica) Populations and the Genus Imperata in the Southern United States: Impacts on Invasion Dynamics and Evolutionary Potential. Southeastern Ecology and Evolution Conference. Gainesville, FL.

Madsen, J. D., Amburn, P., Brown, R. L., Dibble, E. D., Ervin, G. N., Shaw, D. R., Abbott, C. F., Baker, G., Bloem, K., Brooks, C., Irby, D., Lee, S., Maddox, V. L., Rose, R., Schulz, R., Wallace, L., Wasson, L. L., Welch, M., Wersal, R. M., McBride, D. W., & Madsen, N. (2011). Research to Support Integrated Management Systems of Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species: Annual Report, 2010. GRI Report #5047. Mississippi State University: Geosystems Research Institute. [Document]

Professional Presentations
Lucardi, R., Ervin, G. N., Wallace, L., & Bryson, C. (2011). Population Genetic Analysis of Cogongrass (Imperata Cylindrica) in Mississippi and Alabama. Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council Conference, Lexington, KY.