Organizing Committee

Main Organizer:
Hyeona Lim Hyeona Lim
Associate Professor
Associate Director, Center for Computational Sciences
Dept of Mathematics & Statistics
Center for Computational Sciences
Mississippi State University

Program Chair/Webmaster:
Jerome Goddard II Jerome Goddard II
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Auburn University Montgomery

Program Vice-Chair:
Hyeona Lim Suzanne Shontz
Associate Professor
Dept. of Elect. Eng. and Computer Sci.
Graduate Program in Bioengineering
Info. and Tele. Tech. Center
University of Kansas

Administrative & Logistic Support:
Judith Goodman Judith Goodman
Business Coordinator
Dept of Mathematics & Statistics
Mississippi State University
Marilda O'Bryant Marilda O'Bryant
Professional Staff
Mississippi State University

Founding Organizers:
R. Shivaji R. Shivaji H. Barton Excellence Professor and Head
Dept of Mathematics & Statistics
University of North Carolina Greensboro
W. L. Giles Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Dept of Mathematics & Statistics
Mississippi State University
Bharat Soni Bharat Soni
Vice President for Research & Economic Development
Tennessee Tech Universtiy

Advisory Group:

  • Alfonso Castro, Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College
  • John Graef, Mathematics, UT Chattanooga
  • Bharat Soni, Mechanical Engineering, UAB

  • Ratnasingham Shivaji, Math & Stats, UNCG
  • Jianping Zhu, Office of the Provost and College of Graduate Studies, Cleveland State University

Local Organizing Committee:
  • Snehalatha Ballamoole , Mathematics and Statistics, MSU
  • Seongjai Kim, Mathematics and Statistics, MSU
  • Mark Novotny, Physics and Astronomy, MSU
  • Marilda O'Bryant, HPC2, MSU
  • Seth Oppenheimer, Mathematics and Statistics, MSU
  • Chuanxi Qian, Mathematics and Statistics, MSU
  • Adrian Sescu, Aerospace Engineering, MSU
  • Bethany Stroud, HPC2, MSU
  • David Thompson, Aerospace Engineering, MSU
  • Keith Walters, Mechanical Engineering, MSU
  • Xiangsheng Xu, Mathematics and Statistics, MSU
  • Shantia Yarahmadian, Mathematics and Statistics, MSU

Local Student Volunteers:
  • Job Bonyo, Mathematics and Statistics, MSU
  • Vivek Dixit, Physics and Astronomy, MSU
  • Joseph Ferguson, Mathematics and Statistics, MSU
  • Chartese Jones, Mathematics and Statistics, MSU
  • Matt Judson, Mathematics and Statistics, MSU
  • Hwamog Kim, Mathematics and Statistics, MSU
  • Vidhya K S Krishnasamysaraswathy, Mathematics and Statistics, MSU
  • Chandani Nandadasa, Physics and Astronomy, MSU
  • Sheida Riahi, Mathematics and Statistics, MSU

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Hyeona Lim (MSU)
Program Chair:
Jerome Goddard II (AUM) & Suzanne Shontz [Vice-Chair] (MSU)
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